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So this happened to me last week. (tmi)
Got Lust?
Which pretty much started my week off on the wrong foot.

I own a essentials pleasure wand. Sort of like a knock off hitatchi, but it's just as good. Actually, the word I should have said "was" because it died on me last Sunday. Not only did it die, but the cord came out of the thing while I was using it, and arched like a mofo. I got a nice little electrical burn right on my inner thigh. I have to say, I'm lucky that's all I received, so I didn't bitch about it too much after I thought about it. But, it did suck.

I had the thing for a year and a half, and never had a problem with it. The thing that bugs me is that the cord just broke right on off without any warning. It wasn't loose or anything. Just a simple twist and I saw a flash of light like I was lighting fireworks. lol Would have been a hell of a way to go though. I don't even want to think about that. lol

Anyway, I'm fine. The burn isn't as bad as it sounds. I got it covered and treating it every day. I know electrical burns can be nasty. But this one isn't too bad. I've been burned so many times and treated for them that I even know how to handle them.

Just thought I'd share that. :p

Oh btw, what's with the stigma of guys and vibe toys anyway? Or guys with any sex toys that aren't cock rings? It's sort of bothers me. I told a friend awhile back that the best experience I've ever felt was having a small plug in me while I had a vibe on my perineum. WOW! she was intrigued and wanted to try it on her man, but he wasn't into the anal part. Which again, leads to the stigma of guys and anal play. *sigh*

Anyway, that's enough of me rambling. :p

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Guys associate anal play with homosexuality, I guess... but, if you're comfortable in yourself and your sexuality, then it's no big deal. :-)

Glad it was only a close call!

Yeah, I'm completely comfortable. Actually, more so now than ever. I'm not bothered with being "labeled" or whatever. I don't really label myself when it comes to sexuality, anyway. But, IRL, I keep it vague because I feel like it doesn't really matter one way or the other. You are who you are, know what I mean? :)


No, it doesn't matter, at all! :-)

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