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Got Lust?

I haven't communicated with my "sexty" friend in awhile. Kind of miss her. I know she's been busy. Hopefully we'll reconnect sometime next weekend for some "playtime". Last time we did it was amazing.

It's funny because I got a text from a co-worker today asking me if I was going to be at work. It was kind of random since I haven't really missed a day since last month, and I usually let people know ahead of time if I'm not going to be there. So I told him "nothing much other than work." If it had anyone who really knew me I probably would have said "masturbate, cum, shower, masturbate, cum, nap, clean up, work." lol But he doesn't know me like that. You can't be blunt with everyone. lol

Lj friends though are a different sort. haha
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Stumbled upon your LJ and like your writing style. Add me of you want. I'm male.

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