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Dry Spell
Got Lust?
I'm not even going to mention how long it's been for me. But, it's been awhile.

I'm pretty good at controlling myself. However, been hit on by the guy at work who's into guys has been enough to make me twitch in my pants.

On top of that, there's this nice little redhead that I just want to get my hands on. A lot of people thinks she's a lesbian because she's always around women. I think she's a virgin, myself. Either way, even is she was a lesbian, it wouldn't matter. I still want to lick her pussy. Is that so wrong? lol

I should try to negotiate a threesome somehow. lol I doubt it will ever happen. I mean, I know the guy is down but the girl my take some coercing. Oh well, I guess I could just leave it up to fantasy.


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